20 Cosmetic Surgery Horror Stories

I've never understood the allure of cosmetic surgery, but I guess if you're really not happy with a part of your body, and there is a safe way of changing it with tried and true results, then you should go for it. That being said, it's important to realize the risks involved, and the fact that there are plenty of procedures that are less than trustworthy. 

Plastic surgeons are important, and I myself have been to one for stitches after I decided to put my hand through a glass door and embed little shards everywhere when I was 14. But there are also plenty of plastic surgeons who need to learn when to say no to a customer. Doctors should be doctors, but for many plastic surgeons, morality seems to come second to profits. I guess when you're operating on the elite of the elite in Beverly Hills, it's hard to say no. 

It's a shame when people feel so insecure in their bodies that they need to alter them to almost unrecognizable levels, and perhaps if we want to eliminate plastic surgery botch jobs we need to fix that first. Body dysmorphia can affect anyone, and it should be treated like any other disorder, but hopefully, these 20 photos of cosmetic surgery horror stories are enough to dissuade you from going under an unreliable knife. 

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