21 Professions That Get the Most Hate For Simply Doing Their Jobs

It may have everyone hate you, but hey it’s a living!

If you ever manned a cash register or toiled under someone else's vehicles for dirt pay, you know that not all jobs are looked at positively. So a recent r/askreddit thread exposes the workers who go under the radar and get the brunt of many people's frustration and rage.

The popular thread had many predictable answers like customer service workers, teachers, and people who work in airports. But one area that is not thought of much is dentistry. We all hate going to the dentist yearly but we never stop to think that the dentist doesn’t like being the last person people want to see in their day. Send your dentist an email of gratitude today and maybe you’ll get an extra bottle of mouthwash after your next visit. Tech support is the only profession where it’s good if you don’t see them a lot. They’re the tech nerds behind the scenes making sure all runs smooth and will debug your old coworker’s work computer when they fall for a phishing scam email.

Scroll down and find it in your heart to feel for these misunderstood (and likely underpaid) workers. 

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