20 Seldom-Seen Angles of Famous Landmarks and Historical Structures

Unless you are an incredibly well traveled person, your perspective on famous landmarks and historical structures is heavily dependent on the photography and literature of the location. However, most of that stuff is heavily curated by that area's tourism industry, and it can be hard to know if what you're seeing is really an accurate representation of the place. Therefore, it's important to see those places from a different perspective, and this gallery shows 21 seldom seen angles of a few of those famous landmarks and structures. 

The Mona Lisa is the most famous work of art in the world, and has been studied ad nauseam ever since Leonardo da Vinci finished it in 1519. Watching her eyes follow you up close as you walk back and forth in front of her is said to be exquisite, not that you'll actually be able to do that. Thousands of people also want to see the Mona Lisa, and finding a time to see it where you won't be crammed into a crowd like sardines is nigh impossible. 

See a photo of the crowded Mona Lisa here, along with other pics of world famous landmarks seen from a unique perspective. 

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