21 Terrible Tattoos People Regret Getting

People are sharing their awful self-drawn bad tattoos as part of Amazon reviews for the Temu DIY tattoo kit. But they might as well keep those to themselves...

There's a reason people spend a lot of money for professional tattoo artists to do their ink. It's hard! If you've ever taken a basic sketching class, you'll know that the difference between an average Joe and someone with real talent is huge! And that's with a pencil. Swap out the graphite for a needle and ink and you've got yourself a whole different ballgame. 

But for some Amazon tattoo enthusiasts, the DIY approach was the way to go. As a result, their flurry of five-star reviews came accompanied by a treasure trove of bad tattoos. At least the product seems easy to use. Maybe too easy! If these people want to preserve their dignity, maybe they could review the product without showing off their amateur ink. Who knew that professionally trained artists were better at tattoos than people sticking and poking themselves?

Along with 14 Amazon review pics, this gallery also includes a few normal bad tats. Now those people have no excuse! At least the Temu bunch can claim ignorance. 

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