21 Thanksgiving Memes and Tweets to Celebrate Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving and we here at eBaum’s World are giving you the gift of a funny distraction from your familial chaos. Thanksgiving is all about being with loved ones and enjoying a feast but many families and feasts are less enjoyable and more of a chore. So if you need a break from the noisy kitchens, crowded markets, or possible exploding turkeys, here are some memes and tweets to soften the blow.

This round-up has everything, including memes about seeing your old (and boring) hometown friends again. And if you're coming home from a major city, this week may be the first in a long while that you may be driving as one TikToker expressed. Get ready for the big turkey day where you’ll do some you’ve done every year; offer no help to whoever is cooking, get yelled at by whoever's cooking to scram from the kitchen, take a medicated “walk” with your cousin, and try to survive the inevitable politics talk at the dinner table.

If the table is already firing off with some off-color political opinions, scroll down and bury the noise with your laughs. They’ll tire themselves out eventually.

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