21 Times Older Folks Were Out-of-Touch With Reality

Times change and it is unfair to ask people to completely change with them. Still, sometimes it feels like the older generations are oblivious to the modern world around them, and they make some pretty ridiculous statements as a result. These 21 people on Ask Reddit shared the most "out of touch" thing an older person ever told them. 

The states of employment, inflation and housing have all changed drastically since our parents were forced to deal with them regularly. Therefore, many are woefully out of touch with modern finances. Let's take buying a house for example. One woman recounted her mother advising that five grand in savings was more than enough to put in a down payment for a house. "I had to stress that 20% has been the norm in our area since the 2008 crash," she said. A different parent advised their child to just go for a "200k starter home" to get out of the house in the LA area. I'd hate to know what a 200k LA starter home looks like.

But the most out-of-touch comment by any person in this gallery came from a man in 1992, who told a dad and his daughters that they no longer needed to attend school, because women don't vote. "I remember that old man every time I vote," the daughter wrote, "and I've never missed an election."

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