Wednesday Morning Randomness: 22 Trending Pics and Memes to Kickstart Your Day

If you're not aware, somebody beat Tetris for the first time. That's right, the game considered by many to be the most influential in gaming history, with a storied 40-year history, has only been beaten once - and that was just done by a 13-year-old named Willis Gibson. 

But despite his achievement, one newscaster reporting on the story took to the air and proclaimed that he should go outside and effectively touch grass. Gibson used a special technique called "rolling," which involves pressing the buttons faster than humanly possible by tapping on the back of the controller and vibrating it in such a way that up to 20 button presses a minute are possible, and the user has to wear a glove to avoid skin damage from the friction. I'd say Gibson is so good at touching one thing, we can forgive him for not touching as much grass. Maybe the news anchor should pick up a Tetris controller and try playing it for over 40 minutes until the game literally crashes from overload, in a literal victory of man over machine. 

That's a random story from this past week, and if you like it, you should check out these 22 random Tweets and memes in this Wednesday edition of randomness. 

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