22 Clear Warning Signs People Don't Pay Attention To

Everybody knows that there are elements of society that need our attention, but some of them need to be getting more attention. Here are 22 societal warning signs that people aren't talking about enough.

When it comes to "problems" in this country, healthcare is always a talking point. But while that discussion usually involves the cost of coverage, (which is definitely a huge issue), that is well documented. What isn't talked about, are the major staffing shortages many hospitals and urgent care facilities are about to face. Although there are plenty of people in medical school, nurses, hospital staff, and specialists are in huge demand. Certain groups, like OBGYNs in states with abortion bans and on the verge of becoming effectively extinct. Unless these staffing shortages are solved, the care itself, not just the cost will become a major healthcare issue. 

Speaking of shortages, many schools are criminally understaffed. Many teachers have reported that kids these days really are more difficult, and in conjunction with poor pay, low resources and helicopter parents, fewer and fewer people are getting into education. Those are two huge issues we should be talking about more. Check out those, and 20 others in this Ask Reddit gallery. 

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