22 Crazy News Stories From 2001 That Were Overshadowed By You Know What

The World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001, have gone down in history as one of the 21st century's defining moments. The terrorist attacks killed almost 3,000 people, sparked a war of retaliation, and changed the way countries engage in international relations. But what else happened in 2001?

Although most of it was quickly overshadowed, 2001 was actually a crazy year for news, and it's too bad we don't remember much of it. We think it's worth taking a look back at the year's news stories numbers 2-23, and so did the people of Ask Reddit, who shared their thoughts on the craziest thing that happened in 2001, (apart from the obvious).

Aviation had already played a major role in the news before September 11th, and Air Transat Flight 236 set the record for the longest glide from a passenger jet at 75 miles after it ran out of fuel over the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually, it landed safely in the Azores. 

Read about that flight, the FBI's Catholic Church investigation, and much more in this collection of 2001's craziest news. 

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