22 Relationship Memes and Tweets to Make You Feel Less Lonely

We are dead in the middle of cuffing season and the dating arena seems to have taken a turn for the worse. However, the silver lining is that everyone is having a bad time. Not just you! So we have a gallery of funny relationship and dating memes to fill the void in your heart.

There are a multitude of dating fails. The most obvious comes from dating apps where one man decided to note that not only did he go to Harvard but he was also a legacy. One woman was ghosted in by her "situationship" in possibly the most Jane Austen way (our condolences to her).

But for those who are in a relationship, we have memes that get you. We know the hardships that boyfriends face like like unloading a dishwasher or dating within a friend group and changing the vibes forever. We get it.

And to go along with love, we, of course, have revenge! Pick up some new ways to get back at the adulterers and liars of the world by enlisting them in the army or spreading a vicious rumor about what they’d like to be called in bed. It's all harmless fun!

Scroll down, certified lover boy and girls.

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