18 of the Worst Dating App Fails of the Week (October 24, 2023)

Even with your dignity in the toilet, these weird profiles will probably be getting a pass. It's no secret that the dating scene is pretty tough these days, but even by app standards, these creeps need to get a grip on themselves. 

If you're a good-looking and confident person, a forward opener on a meet-up app like Tinder can be a strong move. That is of course if you understand the line between forward and downright creepy. People want to meet up, they don't want to live out your wildest fantasy. It's not complicated. 

Take Melih for example, who liked a girl's Hinge photo by commenting on her camera. On the surface that's a good idea; it shows interest in her hobby and demonstrates a curiosity to learn more about somebody. It also gives her a chance to talk about herself and continue the conversation. However, Melih did that by asking her to use her camera to shoot a certain kind of video for him. Who in their right mind thinks that a question like that will elicit a positive response? And what about John, who exclusively posted his middle and high school athletic team pictures? Who do you think you're attracting with those?

Before you complain about the apps, take a look in the mirror. Here are 22 fails worthy of a left swipe. 

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