22 Fails and Facepalms to Lift Your Spirits

If nothing makes you feel better than laughing at the failures of others, then this gallery is the place for you. 

There were multiple digital fails this week, and as someone who works in the world of digital media, I am somewhat partial to those. The ever-frustrating CNN placed a picture of Jeffrey Epstein next to a story about 13-year-old Willis Gibson becoming the first person ever to beat Tetris in its 40-year history. That photo pairing isn't just a mistake but carries with it a very unfortunate connection that I won't draw out for you. 

Google itself also messed up by putting a photo of a tiger over the definition of a hippopotamus. Looking at a tiger while reading "Africa's most dangerous animal" makes some sense, but "giant and bumbling" does not. Believe it or not, nothing is more dangerous to come across in the wild than a purple potato of death. 

Everybody likes to dunk on the media, and simple gaffs like these make it even easier. And while I'd like to remind everyone that we're just a bunch of people who can make mistakes pressing buttons like everybody else, maybe someone who works for CNN should pay extra close attention when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein and children. 

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