22 Fails, Flounders, and Facepalms That Cracked Us Up

The only three certainties in life are death, taxes, and the human species consistently making a fool of itself. But if we have a good sense of humor, we can laugh about everything going wrong around us, and hopefully use those events as a learning experience. 

The actress Alyssa Milano is facing criticism after she attended the Super Bowl despite posting a GoFundMe for her child's Little League team earlier last year. Like most kids participating in youth sports, her son Milo's team had to raise its own money for the upcoming season. In an attempt to help her son, she posted the GoFundMe, which has since beaten its $10,000 goal by $5,000. Except, donors are furious at recent photos of her at the big game with her son, seeing as even the cheapest tickets went for multiple thousands of dollars. "Wow, donations must have been pretty good," one person commented on Instagram. In the future, don't ask for other people's money for your kid when you already have plenty of it yourself. And definitely don't then go to the Super Bowl. 

Check out that facepalm along with plenty more in this latest edition of funny fails from the past few weeks. 

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