22 Former Employees Share Company Secrets Now That They've Left

All good employees know what's really going on behind the scenes at their companies. These former employees spilled the beans now that they're gone. 

Every industry has its little secrets. But even within industries, companies have their own unwritten policies that their employees are not supposed to reveal outside of closed doors. But once you don't work somewhere anymore and that NDA is up, you can say whatever you want. These people on Ask Reddit gladly told all. 

Unsurprisingly, call centers for cable and internet providers sound like the worst. One person - it sounds like they worked for Comcast - described being forced to manipulate customers into purchasing extra packages, all while making refunding service during outages intentionally difficult. So when the person you talked to on the phone doesn't do what they said they were going to, just know that it might be intentional. Additionally, it sounds like the "Made in X Country" sticker on most products is total eye candy. One person reported that their company only made 51% of the product in-house, while a German brewer reported that German beer would be pointlessly driven across the Czech border, so they could call it Czech. Check out those, and 20 other spilled company secrets. 

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