22 of the Best Gaming Memes of the Week October 13, 2023

One of the best ways to see how much time a gamer has put into a game is to see how fast they can rifle through its menu screens. 

At a certain point, instead of reading the words on the screen, any gamer worth his weight in controllers will navigate through their games on pure button pressing alone. Want to get between campaign and multiplayer? Want to go into character customization? Want to change a loadout? Want to switch up the graphics settings? How about switching up to a different save? All of those things should get accomplished with your eyes closed. 

Even PC games, where menus must be clicked through, can be navigated at breakneck speeds. Games that force their players to go through tutorials can also find themselves victims of intense button mashing, and completely un-immersive gaming experiences for those who know what the heck they're doing. 

Hopefully, these 22 gaming memes can give you the same immersive experience as rifling through your favorite game's menu. Gaming memes are all about getting you in the mood to game, just like a good old-fashioned loading screen. So get ready to mash X, and scroll through this gallery like a menu. 

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