22 History Memes They Didn't Show Us In School

Are you actually going to learn much from these? No, but they're funny for those in the know. History buffs are an interesting bunch, with a specific knowledge set the rest of us could only dream of possessing. (Not that it really does much for them in a practical sense.) Still, history buffs love joking about those events that only they know about, and memes are the perfect way to do that. Here are 23 history memes that you might only get if you're a buff, but hopefully can appreciate either way. 

History nerds love few events more than the World Wars, and predictably the second features heavily here. From battles to political maneuvering to some communist discourse, get ready to hear about the axis, the allies and the tankies. One meme centers on D-Day tactics, and the captain of the USS Texas, while another comments on the living conditions of soldiers in the field. Throwing it back to a different era, and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War,": apparently the Cliff Notes version is "get the high ground." I learned that from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also, isn't it tragic how much of ancient Mesopotamia's history is lost? Yeah, I think so too. 

Here are those, and a few dozen other history memes for the buffs. 

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