22 Memes From Super Bowls Past to Get Ready For Sunday

Get your Twitter fingers ready for Super Bowl Sunday with a trip down meme memory lane. We’ve gathered some top-tier memes from past Super Bowls for you to laugh once again. From the unforgettable halftime shows to the amount of times people Google how to read Roman numerals, the Super Bowl is always a big day for memes. 

You can’t talk about Super Bowl memes without talking about Left Shark. Katy Perry’s half-time show featured dancers in shark costumes and one of them stole the hearts of the nation by being so into it. We will all be dead and gone and there will still be left shark memes on the internet. 

Other honorable mentions are the Christina Augiela wrong lyrics meme (we will never let her live that moment down), Super Bowl scripted memes, and the Spongebob half-time show that the NFL blue-balled the entire nation with. We just wanted “Sweet Victory” and they gave us “Sicko Mode.” Only one of those artists is in present good standing.

Scroll down and re-experience the internet nonsense that goes down every Super Bowl — before getting into this year’s internet nonsense. 

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