24 Memes That Make Us Want to Go Slug Some Warm Beers After Work

There's nothing better than cracking open a cold one with the boys after a long day at work. It takes the edge off and gives you a chance to relax like nothing else. 

But why stop there? If beer makes you so happy, you should have a few when you get home too. Now you're really buzzing, so you might as well slug a few more, and who needs dinner when you've already had so many liquid calories? Eventually, it doesn't even matter if the beer is cold or warm, you just want its sweet kiss to help rock you to sleep. 

What's that? Having warm beers for dinner isn't a sustainable way to live a productive life. Well, who wants to be around negativity like that!?

The Instagram account drinkwarmbeer posts memes that are all about giving in to your inner desires and having a PBR or 12 for dinner if you so choose. Life is short, why live it without the joy of beer? 

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