23 Notes Women Actually Have Saved on Their Phones

The notes on a person’s phone house their most sacred and chilling thoughts — grocery lists for when they become a billionaire, unsent texts to someone they shouldn't be sending texts to, a list of everyone they would fight in real life, etc.

To this end, one Twitter user decided to coyly ask if she was the only girl to save her body count list to her Notes app. Obviously, keeping an archive of important history is not new to women. It’s part of the gathering and nurturing. But this engagement-fishing tweet did get a lot of responses from women who are keeping the wildest Notes on their phones.

For instance, a list of enemies is simply not enough, one woman has a list of male celebrities that are too “charming and likable” to be trusted. Another pessimistic user has a list of the meanest people on earth. And yes, her old boss from when she worked fast food in high school makes an appearance.

Scroll down, and learn what’s going on deep in the psyche of these Twitter users…

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