22 'Obsolete' Technologies That Are Still Useful

Just because it's newer doesn't mean it's better: Just ask anyone whose Tesla Autopilot feature has failed to notice a rapidly approaching construction zone. New technology is nice and usually changes whatever industry it's a part of, but for some things, the old way is still better. 

Even though everyone has a cell phone, and cell phones are more than capable of doing what walkie-talkies and pagers used to, plenty of worksites are still doing things the old-fashioned way. Why? As one Reddit commenter put it, "There is still no better tool for self to group messaging than a radio." If you need a bit of instant and simple communication without fear of cruddy cell service or occupied hands, you can do no wrong with a pager, walkie-talkie, and earpiece. One person here even described his job site reverting to the older tech, after "just texting" woefully failed to get the job done in an emergency. 

Speed is a common factor among many of these devices, including a good old-fashioned calculator; especially the graphing ones. Why should I have to open an app on my phone or type a complex equation into Google when my Ti-83 can do it instantly on the same original batteries it was using in the 90s? Here are 22 "obsolete" inventions that still get the job done. 

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