22 of the Biggest (and Funniest) Fails and Flops We've Seen

It's Friday, and there have been plenty of funny fails this week. Here are 23 of the most facepalm-able

I don't know if you know anything about car tires or not, but one quick rule of thumb is to make sure you have treads on the tire. The only people allowed to drive bald tires are race car drivers on the track, and they are only allowed to do it in the sun. If it rains, you better have treads on the tire ready to flick the water away and keep you from hydroplaning. One woman egregiously failed to follow that rule of thumb this week, however and shared a photo on Twitter of utterly treadless tires. Based on the look of them, they didn't start out that way either; thank goodness she was able to get her tires changed before the next rain storm.

But while that photos sent shockwaves around the car community, one influencer surprised her boyfriend and the pop culture world with a visible tattoo of his name... across her forehead. Ana Stanskovsky's massive "Kevin" tattoo was shamed by artists and the general public alike, but she claimed that she won't have regrets. Well I guess that's one relationship that better last. Here are those, and 21 other foolish facepalms on this funny Friday. 

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