22 of the Funniest Tweets From This Week, According to Us

Austin Butler in his next best role — a sphinx cat. 

If you haven't been on Twitter for the past couple days, we can sum it up for you perfectly. It’s Dune. It’s all Dune: Part Two memes. The timeline is all about that spice and there's nothing you can do about it. Well, there's one thing. You can scroll down and enjoy a curated tweet experience that is all funny tweets (with a healthy sprinkling of Dune 2 memes).

Along with hairless cat Austin Butler being meme fodder, the Hot One’s host, Sean Evans, has been singled out as the one who loves spice the most. The voting primaries were this week and one man took to the voting booth with such fervor that everyone could see his pants down at his ankles. He was just so jazzed about participating in democracy!

Scroll down and see what one user would do locked in a room with Ice Spice and Rudi Rose and what a The Bear/ Wonka crossover would be like. Oh, Twitter’s imagination!

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