22 of the Funny and Wild Headlines that Show the World is Wild

It’s been a deliciously weird week and we have multiple outrageous stories to cover. Many people this weekend will probably talk about the passing of Henry Kissinger. But nothing feels more apt than Henry Kissinger dying that same week Ron Desantis’ p– map was mocked during a debate.

If your corporate overlord is looking to increase your hours next year, then a lucid-dreaming startup is working on getting you to punch in while you're tucked in. Gotta love capitalism! In the world of celebrities, Felicity Huffman is finally sharing her side of the Varsity Blues college scandal. However, we hope she figures out a way of explaining her side without basically calling her daughter a big dummy. And if you ever need some messy news in your life, an attorney was suspended for p–ing in a Pringles can and leaving it in a victim advocate's parking spot. 

Scroll down and experience the funniest and most beautifully done headlines of the week. Kudos, to the editor for revealing that there is more than one way to wear the new Apple smart ring. Readers are very intrigued to hear more. 

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