22 People Who Threw Away Their Chance at Employment

Just because something isn't against the law, doesn't mean it can't be used to get you fired. Telling your boss to kick rocks won't get you locked up, but it will get you brushing up your resume with one sizable black mark of a reference. And if you actually do something illegal, that probably won't help your employment status either. These 23 people thought their actions were immune to consequences, and found themselves jobless as a result

One of the most infamous Twitter exchanges of all time pitted a woman named Naomi against a man named Homer Hickam. Having landed a prestigious NASA internship, Naomi tweeted "EVERYONE SHUT THE F— UP," before Hickam tweeted back, "Language." It just so happened that Hickam was "on the National Space Council that oversees NASA," so when Naomi responded with "S- my d— and b-," things didn't end well for her." According to an interview in PEOPLE magazine, Naomi lost her internship not because of Hickam, but because of NASA employees discovering the exchange. Let that be a lesson to you that everything you post online can come back to hurt you. 

Check out that full exchange and many more like it in this gallery of people who got fired for their own bad decisions. 

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