21 Plumbing Horror Stories That Will Clog Your Brain

Plumbing is by definition, a gross profession. Making sure the places we flush our most putrid creations are clean is an admirable job and one that will never go unneeded. But there are some things even worse than the smells and fluids. These 22 plumbers shared the wildest calls they ever received and the strangest things they ever saw clogging a pipe. 

Perhaps the most peculiar incident in this list involved a decided lack of plumbing. An older woman called to complain about a horrible smell coming from her bathroom, and engulfing her trailer. It turns out that the problem wasn't with her plumbing, but what it was connected to: nothing. Instead of a septic tank or sewage system, everything this woman had flushed down her bowl for over 20 years was still lying right there under her trailer. There's no fixing that one. Unsurprisingly she was forced to sell.

Speaking of smells, one plumber recalled that the worst smell came not from excrement, but hair. A shower drain clogged with years of hair, aided by months of rot and undrained water created a biological mess of mush, and two vomiting plumbers. Apparently, hair is worse than #2 for these 22 plumbers. 

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