22 Random Statements Made into Profound Quotes

There's nothing more frustrating than when a quote gets pulled out of context. Modern media receives substantial criticism for pandering to whatever its base wants to see, rather than what's true, and using out-of-context quotes is a powerful technique in that. It's deceptive and immoral. All too often an incomplete statement made in passing is weaponized against someone who has spoken back to them verbatim. 

The Twitter page @MakeItAQuote does this for anyone who asks for it, both highlighting the absurdity of taking quotes out of context and holding people accountable for things they maybe shouldn't be saying. 

For example, one person here tweeted about age gaps in relationships, arguing that age is just a number. "I dated a boy seven years younger than me," they said, "and there is a 35-year age gap between my parents." This person might think they're making a decent argument, but when framed as an inspirational quote, it's easy to see the problematic statement for what it is. 

Seeing your face, or in this case, your Twitter avatar, next to your own words is the reality check everybody needs online, and props to @MakeItAQuote for giving people that. May we all see ourselves on inspirational activist Instagram stories in the near future. 

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