22 Security Professionals Share the Wildest Things They've Seen on Cameras

Just because security cameras are designed to see everything, doesn't mean you want to see everything that's on them. That's a lesson each of these 22 people learned when they were forced to go through crazy footage. From animal break-ins to straight-up human nastiness, here are 22 security professionals and the wildest things they ever saw on camera.

Unfortunately, catching a couple of humans getting it on is par for the course in the security camera business, but when that person is the very employee you've hired to watch those cameras, then there's a problem. That's what happened to one super after his building's new night manager asked his girlfriend to keep him company on the bean bag chair in the building's child play area. "He KNEW there was a camera there," the super wrote. "It's his job to sit at the desk and watch the monitors." Critical thought is not something that comes easily to all people. 

One trucking security officer also caught himself on cameras, thanks to their atrocious latency. "I'd come in from writing up a truck and see one sitting at the gate again," he wrote. "Then I'd see my fat [self] roll on out there with my clipboard." Check out this gallery for 20 other wild and wacky stories like those. 

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