22 Terrible Cooks Who Need to Be Permanently Banned From Kitchens

Life’s been hard and we're in a recession (or a cozzie livs for those of you across the pond), so struggle meals are being made at an alarming rate. But the people of the internet don’t eat their struggle meals in silence. Better yet, they post them on the internet. These concoctions range from “Hey we’ve all been there” to “I am praying things get better so you never have to experience this again.”

We have hotel gravy, Grimace pasta, spinach dip, ham on a tortilla, and hamdogs on the menu tonight! A lot of these posts come from wanting a specific meal and just missing some ingredients like one poster who made ants on a log but was missing peanut butter and raisins. It was mustard on a celery stick, folks. 

Now, not all of these meals are struggles. Some genuinely look like delicious meals that flopped on during plating. Ramen is still amazing even when it’s in a drinking glass.

So if you can stomach it, here is proof that things could always be worse. 

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