25 Times Twitter's Community Notes Fact-Checked People Into Oblivion

Although Twitter, (or should we call it X?), under Elon Musk has been a complete excrement show, the growth of the community notes feature is one of his reign's lone bright spots. Designed to help regulate the "free speech" that Elon so desperately craves, it has turned into a way for those with logic to absolutely roast the heck out of everybody posting their BS. 

The community notes have taken an especially strong stance against all forms of engagement farming, especially when it comes to misinformation or mobile game ads. They also tend to go after influencers, and especially explicit models, from using popular posts to promote their platforms. The community notes have also become a great way for fact checkers to fight back against political misinformation, with American politics and the Russia Ukraine war prime examples. Over time, community note messages have evolved to convey more sass as well, with a recent example solely consisting of "What the f-?"

The Twitter page "community notes violating people" is a great place to find some top tier Twitter roasts, and the source of this gallery. It's about time we the people took control of the information presented to us on social media, and thanks to community notes we can do that with some attitude. 

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