22 Hilariously Awful Listings Found on Facebook Marketplace

Buying online is always riskier than in person as you never know exactly what you're going to get until it shows up at your front door. Hopefully you're buying from a brand that has some semblance of quality assurance, but if you're looking for a steal, you're going to have to risk the buyer wastelands that are Facebook Marketplace and Depop. When anybody can sell anything, they will. Here are 23 awful and funny products you can, but shouldn't buy online. 

When buying clothes, there are a few important factors to consider. Style, size, and build quality are all important, but on these sketchy sites, cleanliness is something to consider too. One person tried to sell three shirts, all with massive stains. According to her, "First two photos are after recent wash. Will continue washing until purchase." If that's what the shirts look like after a wash, those stains are not coming out. At least her shirts were sized correctly, which could not be said for one person who claimed their small jacket was a large, just because "it fit like one." The "S" on it says otherwise. 

Check out those, and 22 other ridiculous postings on Facebook Marketplace and Depop. 

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