23 Common Pieces of Advice That Are Absolute Baloney

When we're kids, our parents tell us a lot of things to help us get through the struggles of day-to-day life. The thing is, a lot of that advice is pure baloney, and designed to shield us from the horror that is living and dealing with the real world. Here are 23 sayings and commonly given bits of advice that are total malarkey, and should never be uttered to anybody ever again. 

Have you ever been told to just "deal with it?" Sometimes we do need a bit of sense driven into us, and children tend to overreact. But when you're dealing with something genuinely traumatic, those feelings need to be properly dealt with no matter your age. Telling people to "deal with it" does absolutely nothing except make them question the validity of their own feelings, and lash out when they can't reconcile them. 

"Karma," or "things working out" are also concepts that kids are tricked into believing. When mommy and daddy aren't around to fix things anymore, you'll quickly find out that you have to be the one to "make things work out" for yourself. Here are 23 bad sayings and bits of horrible advice you should never give anyone again. 

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