23 Crazy Blue-Collar Car Creations and Vehicle Mods

Nobody does DIY like a blue-collar guy who knew a guy. If you need something fixed quickly and functionally for cheap, you can do no wrong with a working-class handyman. 

Local engineers will fix anything for you from your washing machine to your lawn mower. And what if you want a ridable lawn mower, but don't have one? Well, that doesn't matter, because they can make you one out of whatever you have, plus a few spare parts. (See multiple entries in this gallery.)

Blue-collar geniuses also like few things more than their wheels, and the people featured here took great pleasure in modding up their rides exactly as they saw fit. Have you ever wanted a school bus that's actually a pickup truck that's actually a semi? Well, it's all yours for the one-time low price of $8,500. A makeshift dune buggy might cost you a bit more on Facebook marketplace though. Do you think your not-very-sportscar needs some exhaust modifications and a few more intakes? Well, they can do that too. 

Nobody does crazy car mods and cool contraptions quite like blue-collar engineers. Here are 23 of their latest cool contraptions for your enjoyment. 

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