23 Relationship Memes and Tweets to Keep You Warm

Cuffing Season has just begun and if you don’t have a baddie on your arm just yet then here are some dating and love memes to give you a glimpse into what dating is like in 2023.

First, we have many dating app fumbles and weirdness. One man has used his Hinge bio as a way to keyword search a certain type of woman (and it’s all so confusing). Then we have a white man trying to rescue a woman from…her home country, the Philippines. It’s really hard out here. But some may say it’s even harder for those in relationships. You’d think a woman is so beautiful and well-mannered then you have to endure her 75 alarms each and every morning.

This week Mariska Hargitay’s thirst rap red carpet pictures make a feature in memes. Also, the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce saga continues with a Travis-themed lyric change and a kiss leaving many online asking; “ Why not me?” One Twitter user got the cold hard answer.

So if you're on the apps prowling or you have a partner to send memes to, scroll down to see what you could be missing in your love life.

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