23 Entitled Brats Who Think They’re the Main Character

The internet has given every person the chance to see their own face online. The result? A whole bunch of entitled brats who seem to think they're the main character of this whole thing. Fortunately, the rest of us see them for what they are, and we can laugh at their delusion. Here are 23 people who need a dose of humble reality. 

Driving in the left lane is something that comes with its own set of rules; if someone is going faster than you, get out of the way. And while not knowing these rules is bad enough, deliberately disobeying them is even worse. That's what one Reddit user described doing here, claiming that he loves going slowly and making everyone else angry. He even stated that he wanted someone to try and fight him, so he could legally show off his combat skills. 

But while anonymous Reddit trolls are bad, actual public influencers are worse. One self-proclaimed "ring" influencer asked a jeweler for free products in exchange for promotion, while a "restaurant reviewer" complained she had to pay her complete bill. For some reason, posting online gives these people the idea that they are entitled to anything they want. No, you're not the main character!

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