23 Europeans Share Cool Facts About Their Home Countries

We silly Americans don't know much about Europe, especially when it comes to more obscure facts about the less imperialistic nations. Fortunately, the people from those countries got to share positive fun facts about their homes in this wholesome Ask Reddit thread, and we decided to share some of those facts here. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it's no secret that many Scandinavian countries made out better than the rest of the world. While plenty of that can be credited to a combination of population sparseness and political policies, for Finland, some serious hoarding also played a big role. It turns out that unbeknownst to much of the population, the government had stockpiled some serious supplies in the event of national emergencies. While other countries were struggling for supplies, Finland already had an ample supply of many necessities thanks to these stockpiles, and a bit of paranoia.  

Can you imagine language without spaces between words? Believe it or not, things weren't always this way. But thanks to some Irish monks, it's far easier to read and write than it was at one point in the 7th century. If you liked those facts, check out the rest of these cool tidbits that people had to share about their motherlands. 

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