23 Examples of Entitled Parents Online

Dealing with little entitled spoiled brat children is the worst, but they get it from somewhere, right? Just because someone is an adult, doesn't mean they can't act just as entitled as their children, and that's exactly the case for these 23 parents. I feel sorry for the kids, but if they grow up and continue the cycle of privilege, it won't be their fault. 

Do you remember the coffee line Mom? Ever since she posted her smug photo sitting behind a coffee shop billboard back in 2018, it has made an appearance whenever anyone brings up entitlement online. "Moms should get a fast pass to the front of the line at coffee shops," it read. "Honey, you're 22 and slept ten hours last night? Get to the back of the line." Like so many people pointed out at the time, just because you decide to have a child, doesn't make you more special than anyone else. It's that kind of thinking that's on display in this gallery. 

Entitled parents, especially allegedly single ones, love to lurk in online marketplaces, harassing sellers to give them the lowest possible price because of their situation. They usually go on to blame the seller for ruining their child's birthday party. See plenty of those, and a whole lot more in this collection of 23 entitled parents online.

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