22 Fresh Fails From Friday October 6, 2023

Once again we've made it to the end of the week, and once again it's a week full of Facepalm in America. 

In case you missed it, former president Donald Trump decided to appear in court to help fight civil fraud charges as levied by the New York Attorney General's office. Although he was not required to be there, he claimed he was forced to attend, and proceeded to admit to the press that he lied about the pricing of Mar-a-Lago among other things. No matter how you feel about him, you can take a facepalm away from the situation somehow. 

In other news, the United States Air Force decided to effectively ground itself for two days while it tried to figure out why it keeps losing and crashing its 100 million dollar F-35 jets that were a failure anyway. On the civilian side of things, home wrecker Ariana Grande moved in with Sponge Bob, and the world can't stop talking about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce, even though we're all tired of seeing it. 

In honor of those frustrating things, here are 23 fresh fails and facepalms that represent the feeling of futility that is being alive in the year 2023.

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