23 Historical 'Facts' That Teachers Incorrectly Told Us

Just because they taught it to you in school, doesn't mean it's true. Hopefully that's a lesson you've learned by now, but if not, then learn the truth about these 24 incorrect historical "facts" your teachers probably told you.

For one, people in the middle ages were actually much cleaner than you might think, (for the most part.) They washed themselves and their clothes quite regularly and even had ways to take care of their teeth. While I'm sure things weren't exactly squeaky clean or smelling of roses, people also weren't the stinky filth that period movies and television often portray them as. Similarly, corsets weren't typically worn as tightly as they are shown on TV. For upper-class parties and women concerned with projecting a certain figure, corsets were worn tightly in conjunction with strategic padding. But for people out and about on any given day, they were worn normally, and even considered comfortable. 

But as a different misconception on this list points out, just because things were done a certain way in the past, doesn't mean they should continue to be done that way. Childbirth, for example, is much better the way it is now. Here are 23 historical misconceptions your teachers probably got wrong. 

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