20 Massive Things to Give You Megalophobia

Megalophobia is very simply the "fear of large objects," according to Medical News Today. But for those who have it, like myself, it is much more. Now I wouldn't say that I am crippled by large objects like somebody with claustrophobia is in a tight space for example, but they definitely give me a strong sense of uneasiness. The way that a claustrophobic person feels helpless and trapped by a confined space, I feel helpless and vulnerable in a big one. 

Imagine you're on a raft in the middle of the ocean, with a cargo ship like the one that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge approaching rapidly. In that moment does the ship feel like your savior, or a mindless unstoppable force ready to pull you under and run you over? Probably a bit of both. Megalophobia is triggered by things the human mind and body can't comprehend. No level of speed, smarts, or planning can stop that cargo ship from running over my raft. And that's what's so scary. 

Aside from cargo ships this gallery features everything from moose to mega churches, but they all have one thing in common: Being an absolute unit

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