23 Office Posters Reminding People Their Job Stinks

Jobs will do whatever they can to get the most out of you, while paying you as little as possible to do it. See these motivational office posters for proof, urging their employees to break their backs for the greater good; the greater good of some CEO's pocket book. 

Multiple posters address the "That's not my job" response an employee might have for a random task. And while it's true that employees should do what they can to help things run smoothy around them, that effort should stop the moment it starts to impact any of their own responsibilities, or could be taken care of by someone else. If an office is putting up that poster, it sounds like they need to re-think their employee responsibilities. 

A different poster prompts workers to subscribe to the company's water service, as "It's not free." If a company is financially hurting so badly that it can't provide water to its workers, then it should be going out of business. End of story. 

Now I'm definitely in favor of being passionate about your job. I believe everyone should take pride the work they do. But if it takes an office poster to get there, then it's too late. 

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