23 People Share the Common Myths They Believed For Way Too Long

You believe what you're told when you're a child. It's not until we're older that we realize a lot of it is total baloney. 

When you're a kid, it's natural to believe everything parents, teachers, and other adult figures tell you. After all, you have so much to learn, and the vast majority of the stuff they tell you is true. The Earth is round? Yes. The Moon controls the tides? Believe it or not, yes. Swallowed gum will never get digested? No, not that one.

And sometimes it takes a while before your incorrect beliefs get challenged, especially if they're not about anything of real consequence. I myself believed that eggs you scramble and eggs you hard boil are two different kinds of eggs for a very long time. And yes, I've been making eggs for myself every morning for years. And if your dad tells you a little white lie about something to keep you quiet, you might not learn the truth for a long time. 

If this gallery is anything to go by, Dads are at fault for plenty of false information we carry into adulthood, and I know my dad is very guity. So the next time you're winding up a fun fact to impress your friends at a party, you might want to ask yourself where you learned it, and if it was your dad who told you. 

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