23 Pics and Memes About People Born Before 1964

There is no bigger generational war than that between the baby boomers and their Gen Z grandkids. Throw in their millennial children who hate both groups, and you have a perfect storm of people all blaming each other for everyone's problems. That being said, older people often have a hard time accepting that things are the way they are because of policies they've always championed. You can't be mad that kids these days are always on their iPads when you give your kid an iPad and top the family Candy Crush leaderboard. 

One Facebook copypasta made its way around "boomer" feeds this week, and encapsulates the mindset that younger generations hate so much. "Seniors over 55 years old should not have to pay school taxes," it says. "We do not have any children in school. Keep going, pass this on!" I need not remind you that those same "55-year-old" seniors definitely have grandchildren who will be going to school, went to school themselves on the money their grandparents paid in taxes, and likely belong to a party that wants to raise the senior age past 62. 

See that post, other boomers misbehaving, and memes that represent their side of the aforementioned generational war. 

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