23 Pop-Culture Memes and Tweets to Round-Up This Week Online

Do you ever go to a party or meet up with friends at a bar and have no clue what everyone’s talking about pop-culture wise? They are saying names like Rosalia and Keith Lee who conjure up not a single thought in your brain. Well, we’re here to help you with that so that this weekend at the kickback you’re not just cluelessly staring into space while people discuss the latest funny bit of pop-culture. Learn who's in or out and who’s being incredibly hilarious online.

This week people crowned their favorite celeb costumes from Halloween but none could compare to the outrageous costumes that Hedi Klum puts together every year. This Halloween, Heidi Klum’s peacock costume was made complete by her husband, from the band Tokio Hotel, dressed as an egg. She’s everything and he is an egg.

TikTok food reviewer and general good guy Keith Lee stopped in Atlanta on his food tour. Atlanta restaurants are notorious for having odd rules, focusing less on customer service and more on, as Atlanta residents have been calling on social media, “grass walls and vibes.” Keith was left hungry by more than one establishment and the internet had discourse.

Sometimes celebs get together and their names next to each other feel like a weird Madlib. Case in point, Martin Scorcese meets Kylie Jenner for the first time and makes a TikTok with her. Then, The Bear star, Jeremy Allen White, is seen at a farmers market with Spanish artist, Rosalia. A pairing that only one Twitter user predicted. And finally, Sophie Turner amid her divorce from Joe Jonas was caught making out with a man with the most British name you could imagine.

Finally this week, people found out that Cup of Noodle will now finally be microwavable. And consequently, people started making appointments with their oncologists having years of putting Cup of Noodles in the microwave. There is a new Beatles music coming out so get ready to party like it’s 1969. The hot new phrase is “he got the girth” thanks to an interview with Martin Scorcese about Brendan Fraser’s performance in Killers of The Flower Moon. Everything has got the girth now. Your breakfast burrito? Got the girth. Your commute home? Got the girth. This gallery about pop culture? Got. The. Girth.

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