23 Products Made For Women That Were Clearly Designed By Men

Women’s History Month starts very soon and if you want to be an ally for women, we’ve got just the tools for you. Over on r/AskReddit, users were asked “What is something designed for women that was obviously designed by a man?” and the replies were plentiful and (some) full of rage.

The health industry does not have a great reputation with any gender but women specifically are given some of the dumbest and incredibly painful trials. One object listed by many Reddit users was the evil and terrifying speculum used by OBGYN offices everywhere. Pap smears are a necessary evil that is required for every woman but you’d think whichever man invented the procedure would allow women to have the option to be put under. A 500mg ibuprofen does nothing when you have a doctor coming at you with a cold metal medieval torture device.

Another common complaint is the many products made far too big for the average woman’s hands (unless you are blessed with large grandma hands made for hard labor like yours truly). Why must women have to have a man in their life when pickle jars could just be made with a slightly smaller circumference lid? Women also pointed to the worst enemy facing feminine hygiene products everywhere: scented tampons and pads. Only a man could think that a product that interacts with an organ so prone to yeast infections and UTIs should be artificially floral scented.

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