23 Things That Made Our Days Extra Sweaty

If you're like me, then you have a hard time getting through movies and shows that lean on secondhand embarrassment, ("The Office" is impossible). But with so many imbeciles on the internet these days, you can come face to face with seriously cringeworthy content without ever trying to seek it out. Here are 24 cringey things that made our day extra sweaty. 

I'm sure you're familiar with the Stanley water bottle craze, then you'll know people, (specifically one demographic), will pay over a hundred dollars for them, and collect so many that it makes the whole concept of a reusable water bottle obsolete. Not to mention that you can quite easily find bottles just as good for half the price. But like everything these days, water is all about the clout, and there is now a woman advertising her bright pink Stanley on Facebook marketplace, and charging money to anyone who wants to come and take a selfie with it. I understand wanna-be influencers faking a vacation or fancy car... but a water bottle?

If that just makes you want to squirm out of your underpants, take a look at that, and these 23 other cringey pics to make you sweaty. 

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