24 Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin Interview Memes to Teach You Russian History

Believe it or not, the first Western media member to sit down for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Russia's Ukraine invasion in February of 2022, was none other than ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson. 

Tucker flew to Moscow and spoke with Putin on February 6, with the full interview released to X on February 8 in partnership with his Tucker Carlson Network. 

Instantly, memes on the interview came pouring in, specifically in regards to the former KGB president's handling of Carlson. After being pressed on the war in Ukraine, Putin instead teased Carlson for failing to join the CIA and gave a lengthy and questionably accurate history lesson on Russia and its relationship with Ukraine. As one meme here references, it mirrored asking a teacher a question and watching them go on a wild unrelated tangent that wastes half of the class time. 

“Vladimir Putin believes that Russia has a historic claim to parts of western Ukraine," Tucker states after the interview, and that certainly seems to be the case, with Putin stating that he doesn't think it's a real country. 

In any event, at least we got a nice Russian history lesson, and some funny Tucker Carlson memes. Here are 24 of them. 

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