22 Uncooked Memes and Meals From the Raw Meatheads

The people of r/RawMeat seem to think that they've discovered a healthy way to live. Here are some of their extra rare thoughts and concoctions.

Sometimes it feels like there is a new crazy "health hack" diet every week, but few take things quite to the extremes of the raw meat community. Essentially, they believe that food should be consumed the way it was before the invention of fire; fresh and completely raw. They reason that if our ancestors were at any point forced to eat food without cooking it, then that must naturally be what's best for us now. Those who practice it claim better gut health, improved energy, better protein retention, and more. Just don't ask them why they keep having black and runny stools. (They claim it's just your body adjusting to the diet.)

The history of raw food consumption is tricky. Obviously, there was a point where pre-historic humans regularly consumed raw meat, but people have been cooking food for all of recorded history. Of course, we are capable of eating raw meat in some quantity, as long as it's clean. What we should not be doing, is eating exclusively pounds of it every day. Here are 23 of the wildest uncooked memes and meals from raw meat eaters. 

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