24 Awful Rules That People Admit to Breaking Regularly

Society can't function without rules, but that doesn't mean rules should be followed without challenging them. Even laws for the benefit of our health and safety can be bent in the name of common sense and efficiency. I'll be damned before I respect rules only designed to benefit those above me. For example, why should I be okay with someone skipping me in line just because they're rich enough to pay a made-up fee for a made-up service like TSA pre-check?

People in this gallery from r/AskReddit admitted to meaningless mischievousnesses like jaywalking and eating mashed potatoes for breakfast - neither of which I think most people object to. Even speeding - within reason - is something I'd argue many deem acceptable. But some rogue commenters had more radical ideas. 

Blindly running red lights is obviously illegal and brazenly dangerous. But what about treating them like stop signs when it's clear nobody else is on the road? That was the opinion of the most controversial commenter here, closely followed by someone who believed it morally acceptable to steal from large corporations. Somehow, I find myself concurring with both. Unfortunately, the natural greed of humans negates any possibility of amending such rules. Here are 24 people, and the rules they're ok with breaking. 

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