22 Bits of Twitter Cringe That Should Get Off the App

Some people love the new X, (formerly known as Twitter), while plenty of others yearn for the old glory days of their favorite app. What they forget to acknowledge is that Twitter was a steaming pile of cringe and dysfunction both before and after our Musk overload took over the tweeting bird. In honor of what Twitter was, still is, and likely will always be, here are 24 bits of Twitter cringe that need to get off the app. 

Like with Reddit, an exceptionally large part of the Twitter app is dedicated to explicit material, and it is completely up to you how much of it you see. (Except for those times you're greeted with something completely out of the blue, like if you decided to search "Drake" at some point over the last 24 hours.) A high percentage of cringe posts come from people whose pages are dominated by this content and act like it's the norm. No, you can't talk to people in real life the way you just saw in that "home video."

But if you enjoy Twitter for its dysfunction, then you'll enjoy scrolling through this gallery of wince-level cringe. After all, it's the app in its purest form.

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