23 Blue-Collar Marvels of DIY Ingenuity

When you want something done well and for cheap, we know a guy. Here are 23 inventions and fix jobs done the old-fashioned way.

This collection of do it yourself handy handyman projects is an eclectic collection of computer fixes, tool creations, household appliance substitutes, and of course a whole lot of automotive engineering. Every blue-collar engineer loves their four-wheeled vehicle - be it a car, truck or something entirely new and plenty of them left their mark on their modes of transportation. One entry in this gallery features a fuse between a Fiat 500 and a Chevy Spark. While neither would be considered the ideal rugged car on their own, the alien-like bubble limousine fusion is, well... something. 

On the opposite end of the size spectrum, a different engineer decided to blend a tractor-trailer truck cab with a massive RV, to create a truly gargantuan mobile house with some serious towing capacity. In the image provided it's already set up to haul some normal cars. I guess real truckers actually do live in their cabs. 

Not all fixes here involve cars, and a few lucky wives have been forced to live with their husband's creations in the house. At least they work; all blue-collar engineering does. 

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